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Nike PAr 1: The Demon Road book cover





Nike of Samothrace is—for lack of a better word—different. Not only did she grow up among the matriarchal warrior tribe of the Amazons, she has something that truly sets her apart: a pair of huge, snow-white wings, something seen only on gods and monsters. Already an outcast among her people, Nike finds herself even more alone when a slave uprising claims the lives of her adopted parents.
    Feeling lost, without an identity and unable to earn the trust of her Amazon sisters, Nike requests permission to travel to Delphi and consult the famous Oracle for guidance. Her queen agrees, but on one condition: Nike must first escort a runaway princess named Syna back to her home in Crete. Desperate for answers, Nike sets off with her unexpected human baggage.
  When the most direct route to Crete ends in disaster, Nike is forced to take spoiled Syna on a journey through mainland Greece, following a highway the Amazons have named “The Demon Road.” The long, torturous path is filled with bandits, giants, and an untold multitude of Greek men who hate Amazon women. Nike must protect the princess—and in doing so, all of Samothrace—before she can reach Delphi and find her truth.


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